The effects of process-based approach in the performance of the writing skill


  • Lorena Fernanda Parra Gavilánez Universidad Técnica de Ambato
  • Diana Carolina Valverde Escalante Universidad Técnica de Ambato
  • Ximena Alexandra Calero Sánchez Universidad Técnica de Ambato
  • Lorena Monserrath Meléndez Escobar Universidad Técnica de Ambato

Palabras clave:

Writing skill, productive skill, process-based approach


The research that follows provides an overview and an application of "Process-Based Approach and the Writing Skills" and looks at the various methods and procedures that may be used to create quality writing and advance Productive Skills. The pre- and post-tests used in this research application, which was produced using a quantitative method, evaluated the performance on writing-related criteria such language use, content, and organization. Process-Based Approach procedures, including the main subject preview, group brainstorming, student investigations, class discussions, templates, first drafts, peer reviews, teacher reviews, and final drafts, were used during class time to study those components. The participants of this study were high school English language learners in the tenth grade. The findings that are related to the investigation conclusion and highlight the accomplishment of its goal. By utilizing process-based approach methodologies, English Language Learners develop their writing abilities. Results reveal that the majority of English Language Learners increase their writing product's organization and content, which demonstrates improved concept communication in the target language.


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